Independence is more than a company, a working place or a nametag.
It’s a statement we tell ourselves everyday.
A philosophy we like to share with our clients.
A culture that empowers businesses to go beyond sheets and numbers.
It’s not rational at all, it’s entirely emotional and it’s longing to be declared.

We are never fully satisfied. That keeps us on the move.

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Breakthrough comes from total discomfort.
Is it good enough? Is it relatable to the audience?
Is it different from everything we know?

Those questions don’t stop us.
They challenge us to go forward.
When everything feels the same out there, courage must stand out.
It shows there’s a new path to something people can engage with.
We help brands conceive that legitimate connection through authenticity.

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and partnership.

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Good work comes from good people. Different visions and all forms of expertise are important assets to our projects. That means having a voice, feeling safe to disagree and sharing personal experiences. Everybody has true value to add and by encouraging diversity of thought we can make each other confident to thrive.

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Identity matters.
Relevance shows.

Why does your brand exist in the world?

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Not luck, not a hint.
Good strategy comes from intelligence and background. It needs analysis, study and devotion to the subject. It might seem compulsive, but it takes time, effort and commitment to achieve high standard results.
We believe brands should be like people: lovable, reliable and real. Everyone has a reason to be alive, to be noticed. We have the attitude and the knowledge to bring out why.

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We belong to the culture of now

Every moment starts from scratch.
Being connected to the present time is what makes us feel inspired, represented and part of cultural phenomenons.
And that’s not about predicting the future or figuring out the latest trend.
Yes, it definitely begins with paying attention on how people behave and the emerging movements that surround us.
But none of those will stop changing.
So we accept it and build relevance by taking chances.

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